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Chocolate business card

These luxurious business cards are can be printed with your business card design, or for a simple yet effective design, they can just have your company logo in the center.

They can be printed with photographs, company slogans, quirky messages and are a real crowd pleaser at events and business pitches.

Once printed, we can enclose your actual business card into the back of the packaging, so when people enjoy your chocolate card, they still have your real one to remember you by!

Printed onto brilliant white chocolate for better colour quality and then back filled with milk or dark chocolate.

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  • tag 15%
    Business Card Box with Choco Gems

    Business Card Box with Choco Gems

    Min.Quanity : 30
    82 70
  • tag 14.6%

    Business Card Box with Jelly Beans (Rainbow/Corporate Colour)

    Min.Quanity : 30
    82 70
  • tag 9%

    Business Card Box with Thankyou Chocolate

    Min.Quanity : 20
    82 75
  • tag 10%
    business card 3

    Chocolate Card-Personalised

    Min.Quanity : 50
    90 81